About Us

Business RecoveryInsolvency is a serious matter as it can spell the demise of any business enterprise. It can wind you up, put you into liquidation and bring forth full on bankruptcy. It is a scary place to be but as we all know, these nightmares need to be shoved down and you will have to work hard to wake up and recover from it. So how do you do that? The answer is through adept knowledge, adequate skill and qualified people.

Here at Keen Birding, we will help you get to know more about insolvency. We will help you answer questions such as: What is insolvency all about? How does it happen? When does it rear its ugly head? What causes it? What options are available for you? Which professionals should you call for help? How do you minimize if not prevent the consequences it brings? What measures should be done to prevent it? How do you deal with it should it arrive? All these questions will be answered and we are here to help you find out what those are and hopefully save your beloved enterprise from the perils of the insolvency pit.

So are you ready to face this task head on? We here at Keen Birding are ready to help so there’s no need to fear.