Bubble Wrap and Moving Into a New Investment Property

moving-packingMoving and packing are two very tricky things. Bless the heavens for the miracle that is the bubble wrap! With it, moving into your new investment property wouldn’t be welcomed with damaged furniture and broken equipment. They’ll arrive safe and in one piece at their new home.

This sheet of two transparent plastic films or polyethylene resin with evenly distributed air sockets is considered a breakthrough in the packaging industry but did you know that they weren’t invented for the purpose we use them today? Its inventors originally intended for them to be the next big thing in wallpapers. We know. How weird!

So, what makes the bubble wrap the superstar in your investment property move?

  • It’s a safety blanket. – Simply put, bubble wrap is crucial to any move. It cushions and protects fragile items and breakables of all kind. They are affordable and inexpensive too so there’s no fear of spending too much on supplies.
  • It’s versatile. – You can use it for almost anything, plates, computers, books, appliances. You name it. It comes in a variety of sheet sizes too. It even comes in bag and pouch form. Some comes with adhesive that leave no residue while others are antistatic that’s catered to sensitive electronic items. Your hardware store or even office and school supply shops carry them so it’s easy to shop once you need it.
  • It’s durable. – It can take a good amount of pressure or weight and not break or pop all while protecting your items. Boxes can be stored on top of one another and they’d still hold through. It’s science in action! Bubble wrap has been carefully engineered to resist shock. It prevents items within a box from clashing into each other and breaking or denting.
  • It’s reusable. – Because they do not break or tear easily, they may be reused over and over again without fear for wear and tear unlike paper. Surely, you’ll have items to stow away even after you move and they will come very handy.
  • It’s lightweight. – Plastic and air are essentially lightweight and weighs almost nothing. This is a very important characteristic that makes them very beneficial. Paper, although works too, packs significant mass and adds to the boxes making them harder to carry about and haul over.

So, when are you planning to pack and get to moving to that new property investment?

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