Kitchen Design Tips for Your Property Investment

kitchen-property-investmentDesigning the kitchen may be hard work but it can get pretty fun and exciting. This is why decided to gather up some useful tips to help you make the best out of your property investment’s kitchen! Hey, this is where all that food magic happens. It’s bound to be functional and awesome at the same time.

    • Measurement is everything. – It would be a catastrophe if you go ahead and purchase furniture and appliances without having any regard as to the space you’re going to work with. A layout or floor plan would be a great starting point and from here plot down what you want to put and where. Measure things out and then buy not the other way around. You’ll skip all the trouble if you do.
    • Choose materials that are easy to clean. – The kitchen will get messy. Add in food spills and grime and it’ll look like a battlefield. This is why choosing the right materials that go in it are crucial. Opt for appliances, tiles, backsplash and furniture that are easy to clean and wipe and do not stain easily.
    • Choose a multifunctional island. – The best ones are those that offer more in one. Certain designs allow adequate room for food prep and at the same time some storage area and even dining space.
    • Provide the right type of lighting. – Since it’s always busy in this side of the property, it’s essential that adequate lighting is present. Windows are great as they provide natural light in the morning. Choose installations that provide good lighting but not create too much glare.

  • Use vertical storage. – Cabinets and drawers are a given to house all sorts of kitchen appliances and utensils. To maximize your space even more, consider the full use of your vertical space. Floor to ceiling shelves are great. The higher tiers can be used to store items that are not often used or may even act as a display area.
  • Make sure that first-aid is present. – Since accidents can happen in the kitchen, having a first-aid kit handy in the room would be great. A lot an area where you can safely tuck your kit in, one that’s easy to reach.
  • Keep your floors slip free. – This is a must for your entire property investment but all the more for your kitchen. We don’t want anyone slipping and falling while they cook or hold out a newly baked and frosted chocolate cake! That would be disastrous.

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