Types of Property Investment UK

investmentpropertyukReal estate in the United Kingdom is a common and popular choice among investors and for many good reasons but we’re not here to discuss that. That’ll be a story for another day. Today’s topic involves choices as we present the varying types of property investment UK.

Type: Residential

Example: homes, town house, apartment, condominium unit, rest house

Simply put, residential assets are properties primarily used for dwelling regardless if the occupant is its owner or not. They can be detached or forms part of a bigger building as in the case of condos. Because the United Kingdom is a melting pot of cultures, races and businesses and not to mention a strong contender in terms of employment and education, the demand for this type of asset never runs short.

Type: Commercial

Example: office buildings, business strips, mall complex

As the name suggests, this type are more business-related and can be used either for upfront or backend operations. These can be wholly owned or rented spaces and can likewise be a standalone structure or a unit, say in a building. Because of their nature, these assets are often situated in the city proper or in areas that have high foot traffic and will require quite the space to retain productivity and functionality. They also tend to enjoy great appreciation potential because of their location and neighboring establishments.

Type: Retail

Example: shopping malls and centers, restaurant and food strips

Although this can be considered a subcategory under commercial assets, retail properties are more geared towards the selling stage. This is the upfront part of operations that directly involve in trade or the exchange of goods and/or services with a monetary unit. Apart from high foot traffic, this type usually demands easy accessibility and exposure. Where offices can be hidden inside buildings, this type requires to be immediately seen by the public.

Type: Industrial

Example: production facility, factory, distribution center, warehouse, storage unit

This type requires the most room. Depending on their ultimate purpose, industrial properties will have specifics in terms of floor area, ceiling height and overall space. This is why when investing in this type of property investment UK, one has to opt for those that have more flexibility or can easily be transformed and tweaked without undergoing drastic renovations. Because of this same reason, industrial properties aren’t always situated in the metropolitan district but the ease of transport and accessibility should still be present.


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