What Colors to Choose for Your UK Property Investment

Choosing a wall color for your UK property investment is easier said than done. Although paint is perhaps the cheapest update anyone can do for a space, it still takes time and work to do. Moreover, the rest of the room will be brought together with it in mind so it’s quite the huge deal.

But colors can do so much more to a space than what many people would come to expect and today we’re giving the lowdown on some of the more popular hue options.


A color that screams sophistication, elegance and modernity it is good for neutralizing bright and active hues. It balances well because of its contrasting, receptive and introspective characteristic. Too much black however can appear looming and sad so it has to be mixed with other elements, textures or patterns.


A very calming, soothing, relaxing, and inspiring color, blue is a favorite choice and does well with bedrooms and nurseries. It’s also a good option for people who want to moderate their food intake as this hue can decrease cravings and appetite. Do not overuse it though because too much can trigger coldness, depression, loneliness and melancholy.


Green is about balance, comfort, calmness and tranquility. It is easy on the eyes as it looks cool and fresh. Ever wondered why the once black blackboards became green? That was the exact reason. Different hues can produce different effects. Too many dark greens can cause people to be meticulous and picky. Yellow-greens are exciting. Lighter ones are refreshing while the neutral shades are calming.


The hue invokes warmth and an inviting feeling. It is active and thus promotes energy, cheerfulness and optimism. It also encourages social interaction. Like red, it stimulates the appetite however it is less intense. This is good for homes where many are picky eaters.


The most dynamic of all colors, it easily stirs up energy. It is exciting, activating, passionate and powerful. This is good for highlighting a powerhouse area where you’d want to gather attention. It’s best used as an accent color instead of one used for all walls. This is because too much of it may create tension, anxiety, and even over-stimulation of one’s appetite.


Of all colors, white is expansive and helps open up spaces creating the illusion of bigger dimensions. It speaks of clarity, cleanliness, openness and peace. White can easily be yellow roomstained so be careful not to use it in areas where there will be lots of dirt, spills and grease.


A lesser intense option from red and orange, yellow uplifts mood and encourages inspiration. It is happy, warm and expansive because of the way it reacts with light. It is also enriching and is associated with sincerity so it’s easy to see a UK property investment splashed in this hue.

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